2015 Network Gathering Re-Cap

Re-cap-intro-graphicby Diana Nucera, Detroit Community Technology Project and Andy Gunn, Open Technology Institute

On June 18th, 2015, at the 17th annual Allied Media Conference, over 90 people attended the first ever Community Technology Network Gathering. The event was was an unprecedented gathering of people from all over the world working on technology and inclusion issues. It included coders, civic technologists, network engineers, community wireless advocates, youth media practitioners, bloggers, as well as international participants from Brazil, Spain, Germany, and Mexico.

The gathering was coordinated by Diana Nucera, program director of Detroit Community Technology Project; Jack Aponte, worker-owner at PalanteTech; Andy Gunn, Field Engineer at Open Technology Institute; and Janel Yamashiro, coordinator at Co.Open.

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Gathering Notes from Participants

During the Community Technology Network Gathering, participants were invited to take notes. Many, many people contributed to an Etherpad – a real-time collaborative notepad. While we can’t guarantee the notes are complete, they do capture most of the ideas, questions, and processes from the gathering. You can find the notes for download here in ODT format¬†and PDF format.

The original Etherpad is available from the Allied Media Projects site.

Our network gathering is at capacity!

AMC 2015 Community Technology Network GatheringWow! Even though we’re very excited about getting to talk about Community Technology with a bunch of brilliant minds at this year’s AMC, we still didn’t quite expect the amazing response to our call for participation. We’ve already got over 90 confirmed participants for our network gathering! That means that we’ve hit our capacity, so registration is now closed.

We’ll be sending an email out to folks who have registered later this week with more details on the gathering. If you’re not sure that you registered, or if you did register but won’t be able to make it, please let us know by emailing us at community.tech.ng@gmail.com. We’re developing a waiting list of folks who are eager to attend, so if you’re not able to make it, let us know as soon as you can so we can offer that spot to someone else.

More soon!