Agenda & Location

The Community Technology Network Gathering runs on Thursday, June 18 from 10am until 5pm. A short overview of the agenda is below.

Our new location is St. Andrew’s Hall, 918 Ludington Mall, Detroit, MI 48202. You can check out this campus map for directions. The map shows that the building has a wheelchair accessible entrance; let us know if you need more accessibility information.

Please get in touch at if you have any questions!

We look to:

  • Build stronger relationships.
  • Discover new approaches to the problems we’re trying to solve.
  • Grow a shared sense of priorities and values that we can take back to our own projects and communities.

We will take collaborative notes during the network gathering in this Etherpad, also available at

10am – Start

10:15am – Introduction to Community Tech at the AMC
A timeline of the emergence of Community Technology at the Allied Media Conference.

10:45am – Life Mapping
A creative exploration of your personal journey to community technology. Identify themes that brought people to this gathering.

11:30am – Understanding Community Technology (with built-in break)
From our experiences and efforts, groups will document the landscape and themes of Community Tech, which will be discussed throughout the day. (Note: a break is built into this section of the agenda!)

12:30pm – Generating Big Questions
Using a big question generator process, groups create agreed upon big questions that work towards problem solving issues we all face.

1:00pm – Lunch Break
We all gotta eat, and lunch is on us! We have tickets for you all to use at the Student Center cafeteria. Veggie & vegan options will be available!

2:00pm – World Cafe/Open Space Hybrid
The World Café activity creates a living network of collaborative dialogue, through which groups will work on answers to the gathering’s big questions.

3:15pm – Break

3:45pm – Fish Bowl
Using the big questions generated earlier in the day, we will engage in a fishbowl-style discussion group.

4:45pm  – Closing
As a group, we’ll summarize the discoveries of the gathering and discuss next steps.


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